Pooch Enterprises

All of our services vary in price depending on the size of your dog, the type of coat he or she has, the condition of the coat (is it matted, overly long?), the frequency in which he or she gets groomed, the actual haircut (some haircuts require more time than others) and your pooch's general cooperation level.

Our spa treatment includes:

a bath blueberry spa facial which is completely tearless, hand drying (we do not use cage dryers), nails clipped, ears cleaned*****, thorough brush out, face, feet, and sanitary area trimmed.

***** plucking or removing hair from the ear canal can irritate the the skin in the ears and open the pores which can set up an environment for infection.  We recommend that you treat the ear with a medication from the vet after each groom to prevent this type of problem.  We will not clean out infected ears unless we are provided with proper medication.  We will do our best to make the ears as clean as possible, but we may leave some hairs if the ear or your pet get's overly irritated.

Many customers ask about emptying anal glands or sacs.  Anal glands fill up every three to four days and release themselves naturally (by defecating or scooting) so unless there is a problem they do not need to be expressed.  If they seem to be having a problem we can look at them and reccommend a vet if necessary--it is a medical procedure which should be done internally and we can only express them externally which can cause more harm than good.

Our haircuts include the spa treatment and a customized haircut.

Custom Options: available with grooming service

Specialty Shampoos:  we have a whole variety of all natural shampoos and would be glad to let you try many of them.  Shampoos that require soaking time will be charged $5-$15 extra

Pedicures:   Nail clipping included with spa treatment

Nail filing included on request only on well behaved dogs.

*Nail Polishing $25-$35 

Decorations:  Bows Free with Spa Treatment if requested, *Glitter $5.00  *Temporary color $5-$15  *Full Haircoloring $100.00 and up

*we must be informed of this request at least 24 prior to your appointment*

Dental:  Breath freshening treatment- included w spa treatment or full service groom


 $24 per 1/2 hour-salon

Limit 1 hour


Shaved Feet $5-$20

Difficult dog charge $10-20

we try to make the grooming experience as pleasant and stress free as possible.  In order to assure that  your dog receives the most from this experience, we sometimes may have to charge extra, if extra time is required.  This charge does not mean your dog was a bad dog, it just means that we had to take extra time to soothe, massage, or quiet your dog's nerves so that his or her experience is as pleasant as possible.

Poor condition charge $5 and up

Show cuts/hand stripping/hand scissoring $96/hour

Without Spa treatment:

nail trimming/grinding: $25-mobile

$15 salon