All About the Pooch



At All About the Pooch, your appointment is at an exact time.  Please let us know if you are running late.  If you are more than 15 minutes late, we may need to reschedule.  Also, we will let you know when you drop your pet up when he or she will be ready. We expect you to promptly pick him or her up.  Dogs left waiting will incur a pet sitting fee of $24 per 1/2 hour.

No Show Policy:  We appreciate 24 hours notice of cancellation

The first no call/no show will not be penalized. We understand that sometimes life gets a little hectic.

The second time you will be charged a $20 missed appointment fee that must be paid before we will schedule another appointment.  The third time, you will be charged the whole cost of the grooming which must be paid prior to us rescheduling.  The fourth no show, we will expect payment for each groom before we schedule your appointment and will not refund the fee if you miss.   

Please understand that our time is very valuable. We cannot schedule another pet in your spot if we are not given proper notice.


Safety and Comfort:

Your pet's safety and comfort are our primary concern.  We understand that each dog is unique, with his or her own experiences, abilities,  likes, dislikes, fears, and stress levels.  Please inform us if your dog has had any scary experiences with a groomer or other pet professional or anyone else for that matter.  Also, please inform us of any allergies, sensitivities, or pre-existing conditions your pet might have. 

We understand that some pets are extremely sensitive to some routine grooming procedures like toenail clipping and ear cleaning.  Although the procedures are necessary for your pets health, we will not always perform these procedures perfectly.   If it seems like your pet is stressed or may cause more harm to him-herself or the groomer than the good that can come from these procedures, we will not continue to attempt these procedures.  Sometimes these procedures are better left to the care of a veterinarian.

De-matting:  We at All About the Pooch will not de-mat a pet.  Excessive de-matting is a very painful, time-consuming costly procedure that can cause extreme discomfort and stress, and can aggravate or even cause skin problems.   This is a complete contradiction to our stress-free philosophy.  If a pet is badly matted, the hair may have to be taken down really short in order to allow new healthy hair to grow.  Matting can be prevented with thorough daily brushing and regular grooming (usually every 4-6 weeks for grooming) .  If you have any questions, we will be happy to demonstrate proper brushing techniques.  "Please do not ask us to torture your dog for the sake of your vanity, we just won't!"

Difficult dogs:  Although most pets are well behaved, not all of them are "perfect angels".  Sometimes it is due to age.  Because puppies require training on how to be a good grooming dog, they require much more time and patience to get them acquainted with the grooming process.  The elderly, on the other hand, do not necessarily need training, but may have physical or mental limitations that require our groomers to take extra time and move more carefully.  Sometimes dogs are difficult because they are scared.  Some have had bad experiences, and some are just wary of strangers.  We try to make every experience a pleasant and confidence building experience, so that with time and patience, our little scared friends will reward us with a happy greeting and a wag of the tail.  Lastly, we have dogs with very LARGE opinions (even if they may only weigh 10lbs!)  Although these dogs have very different personalities, they all require more time, patience, and work than a seasoned grooming veteran and may not turn out as perfectly as an average dog since the overall safety and well-being is our main focus.  Please do not be insulted if you receive an extra charge for having a difficult dog, it doesn't mean we dislike him or her, it just means we had to take extra time.    We will take our time to make sure each dog gets the most out of his or her grooming experience.  Although we are willing to groom most dogs, we do reserve the right to refuse any dog that seems like a threat to our groomers.